What to do now you’re on board

So you’ve signed up for a trial!

Welcome to the club. Here is everything you need to know to get the most from your free trial and your time with us.

Please note, if you skip this guide, you can easily only get 50 new followers. If you read this guide, you will be able to get the most from our service and hit the 2,000+ new followers each month.

So let’s dig in!



One of the first things you’ll notice is the lack of a dashboard. We’ve done this on purpose. Instagram is changing a lot, and the security of our clients is more important than ever.

A common mistake people make at the moment is what Instagram allows and doesn’t allow. As of writing this, Instagram’s Terms and Services doesn’t disallow bots. It only disallows the creation of new accounts with bots (which we don’t do).

But what it doesn’t allow is spammy behavior.

I’ve you’ve ever DM’d 50+ people or followed and unfollowed too many people in a day, you would have received a warning from Instagram. Most services that allow users to control their own accounts lead to a lot of people creating settings that get their accounts banned.

If your Instagram is under 4-months old, Instagram doesn’t allow you to perform as many activities compared to if your account is 2-years old.

This, and a ton of other variables are what we keep in mind when we personally set up your account with us and the reason there is no dashboard is because we personally look over your settings and results daily and ensure your account is safe, secure, and getting the most results possible.

This is also why results are slow at the start. We start off by performing only a few actions, and we increase this daily until we are skyrocketing. We’re showing Instagram that we’re acting with intention, value, and purpose.

One thing we will bring in the future is a way to track your audience growth. Other than that, please rely on the customer success team for any questions you have or changes you wish to make.



Because we securely sign in to your account potentially from a different city or country depending on where you live, this will ping Instagram to send you a warning. We mostly sign in from either LA or New York. Instagram will send you a warning email, or you will get an alert when you log into your account. Please click ‘this was me’. If you don’t, we can’t optimize your account.

If you clicked ‘this wasn’t me’ by accident, simply send us an email, and we’ll sign-in again.

This also means, if you change your password, we can’t do our job. If you change your password for whatever reason, please let us know by filling in this secure form.


Following & Liking

All accounts by default follow and like accounts. When we follow an account, we mute it so your newsfeed won’t change at all. And then after a day, we unfollow the account. Super easy and nonintrusive.

In the past, we’ve allowed clients to just like accounts and the results dropped dramatically. If you really only want to only like accounts, please message support but please do note you won’t receive anywhere near the same results.



If you sign up with us, you don’t need to be following and unfollowing profiles yourself. In fact, you can safely leave this completely up to us. Apart from that, you can use your account like normal.


Other services

PLEASE be careful when signing up for other services. More and more services are popping up and you need to ensure that you’re only signing up to services you can trust. Most other services use automation which is against Instagram’s Terms of Services.


And that’s it! Follow these steps and you’ll be crushing your Instagram growth.