Instagram for e-commerce: getting more visitors to your online store

by Liam
May 14, 2018

Image by @blackmilkclothing

So you’ve heard Instagram is a great way to spread the word about your e-commerce store? It’s true – while big brands can dominate Google search results with their deep pockets, you can tap into something even more powerful; the allure of desire.

To create a successful Instagram feed for an e-commerce store you need to create an image your followers want to adopt. Whether it’s a certain room decor, a killer wardrobe, or an unforgettable holiday, you’ve got to give them moments they desire and then say to them, “you can have this too – SHOP HERE.”

How do you do this? We’ve got our top tips below.


1. Check out what other brands are doing

Your first step is a little market research. Check out the feeds of the brands you love – or the brands who are getting the following and interaction you desire. Study what they post, how they interact with their followers, and what their audience is excited about.

Do they post sneak-peeks of upcoming products to make their followers feel special? Do they showcase their products in beautiful compositions? Do they use lots of humour, memes, or GIFs? Don’t copy, but learn from those who have come before you so you can see how it’s done well.


2. Involve your customers

Use your brand to give the love back to your customers and they’ll thank you for it. Re-post customer images (with permission, of course!) showing them enjoying your products. You can pick and choose the images that best represent your brand – over time, customers will learn what you want to see if they want to be reposted.

For example, New Zealand brand Zeffer Cider frequently post pictures from their customers of happy people drinking cider in great locations around New Zealand. This shows Zeffer as a friendly local brand that’s consumed by real people having a good time, and it also allows them to give love back to their customers.


3. Stay consistent

The most IMPORTANT aspect of a brand’s Instagram page is that it remains consistent and on-message. Have a clear idea of the look you’re portraying and stick to it. Use the same filters and colours across your images to maintain that consistency. Post at the same time every day. Don’t suddenly decide to post random, off-topic things. Keep your feed professional and focused.

Create a visual and social media branding guide to help others managing your company’s social media to stick to the same theme and message.


4. Great content isn’t enough

Being an e-commerce store on Instagram is more than just pretty pictures (although they are hella important!) You’ve got to engage with your audience and get them excited about your brand. Ask them questions. Get them to choose between two colours or their favourite items.

Always, always let them know that an item is available for sale through your link.


More insta-ecommerce tips

Here are a few more quick tips for instagram success:

  • If you have an image containing a certain item that is going viral, change the link in your bio to point directly at that item.
  • Don’t make it all about the sale – try to have some fun and laugh together, too.
  • Pay careful attention to hashtags. The right hashtags will have you showing up in front of hundreds of new eyes.
  • Invent your own hashtags. You can hashtag your popular items – that way customers can just lick and see images of that item you posted months ago.
  • Be positive. Don’t use your page to talk about politics or go off on rants about annoying customers. Remember that you’re trying to create a feeling of desire. No one desires being ranted at.

Using Instagram is a great way to showcase your products to a wider audience. By being strategic about who you target and engaging with your audience, you’ll quickly discover all the benefits of being authentically you.

What are your hottest tips for selling products through Instagram?