Monetizing Instagram – How you earn money on Instagram

by Liam
May 14, 2018

Let’s face it – while posting pics for your friends is fun, most of us are here on Instagram because we’re hoping to earn some serious dosh. Maybe we want to fund more travel, or buy a house, or keep our cats in the matter to which they’ve become accustomed.Once you start building up your follower numbers and create that authentic brand, you’ll be able to start earning money. Here are four clever ways influencers make money off instagram:

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1. “Renting” your instagram feed

Anthony Carbone operates over 28 instagram accounts in various niches totally over 13 million followers, and the way he makes a living from those feeds is interesting. Anthony effectively “rents” areas of his account out to brands – he sells the caption under his image, the image itself, his bio link, and even his finger on the “like” button.

“You don’t need to have millions of followers to become an influencer marketer on Instagram, just a nice following with great engagement.  I have seen people with 10k followers make over $100 per post to promote shoes, clothing, and accessories.”

2. Creating “curated” content

“Curated” content means you publish unique pics on your feed that incorporates a brand’s product into the images. Your readers see you using the product in an “everyday” setting and immediately want to own it, too.

For brands this is amazing – they get their brand associated with you in an authentic way and get to showcase who their product looks, feels, and behaves in real life. And they will happily pay you for the privilege. According to Adweek, most curated content is paid between $300-800 per post.

A Beautiful Mess is a craft, home decor, and lifestyle blog with a popular instagram feed. Many brands pay them to feature their products in their craft projects and room designs. Despite this, their content doesn’t feel salesy – it’s still interesting and authentic.

3. Running an e-commerce store

Black Milk Clothing is an Australian label creating printed leggings and other clothing. They pride themselves on creating unique collections that tell a story. For online stores like this, Instagram serves as a way to showcase a product and how it can be styled. The more visually stunning the images, the more followers click through and buy the product.

Black Milk use instagram to showcase swoon-worthy styling and to pimp their amazing customer selfies.

4. Writing a book

Instagram star Gala Darling uses the platform to promote her self-help book Radical Self Love, as well as other self-improvement courses and retreats. Gala’s popularity and following were part of what sparked her book deal with Hay House Publishing.

Gala posts mainly inspirational messages about living your best life and loving yourself. Her readers are attracted to her positivity and larger-than-life personality and go on to read her book.

All of these revenue streams take effort and time to pay off, but it’s worth it. If you continue to produce quality content on the regular, you can use any of these techniques to provide a steady income stream to make your dreams come true.


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