We’re Hiring!

Want to be seen by 20,000+ influencers & brands each month? You’re in luck. We’re looking for a community manager and content creators. ?

Influencer Marketing Manager Wanted

We’ve been reaching out to people manually at the moment and we’re looking to expand our influencer marketing spend and hire someone to manage this process for us!?

Either full-time or part-time and fully remote works perfectly.

Salaries are variable based on your experience. You let us know what you charge and if you can provide that much value (or more) you can stay on board for as long as you want!

We’ll be promoting

  • InfluencerHQ.co

Looking for more value driven posts compared to the traditional #ads. Maybe like a three part series where IGers share their secrets to their current level of access and mention the two companies above as part of that?

Please email team(at)influencerhq.co to get in touch!


We are looking for Influencers to Interview

Do you have over 10k followers? Do you have a niche that people adore you for? Have you got a few tips for our 40k+ audience that are looking to become influencers?

We would like to hear from you!

Once we’ve checked out your profile, we would organise a video interview and record the interview to create various forms of content. We are wanting to hear your story about climbing the ropes of IG, what you enjoy about it and what you don’t, any tips or tools you have for our audience and any other unique information you’d like to share!

We would share your IG handle across all publications, and if you aren’t a customer of ours we reference that you aren’t. You would be visible to approximately 40k+ visitors/ customers that will read / watch your content and most likely check our your IG page.

⭐ To apply and for more info: Send Lucy a quick intro email & link in your IG account to team(at)influencerhq.co 


Want your content seen in front of 20,000+ (and growing) IG influencers and brands each month?

We’re building the best place on the internet for IG content by IG users. 

The goal is to interview the most talented people across fields, disciplines, and companies, and surface what we call actionable tactics — i.e. concrete actions people can take to live and do their jobs better today.

But there’s so much more to do.

That’s where you come in. You will help us build the best resource for IG users in the world. This includes interviewing some of the highest-caliber influencers today, from founders and CEOs to the very best in design, fitness, product management, engineering, sales, and more. It also includes telling bold, creative stories that will help readers learn and build new things. We’re all about rich, detailed, long-form writing with heart — think of it as The Harvard Business Review meets The New Yorker.

We’re also about podcasts, videos, and native IG content.

On top of that, you’ll work with the COO to tackle brand-building opportunities and challenges. How can we maximize our influence on social media? Make our emails sing? Spread the word about InfluencerHQ’s unique approach to IG?

Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

You call yourself a writer first and foremost when you first meet someone or you’re asked at a party. Maybe you run content for a startup or write copy for a tech giant. Maybe you’ve been in journalism forever and are ready for something new. If you’ve had the written word at the center of your career for the last two to five years, you’re on the right track. We love good writing here. And we do a lot of it.

You’re curious about people. You like asking them questions and learning what makes them tick. Either you regularly interview people as a part of your job, or conduct user testing, or teach people to do something. Asking people about themselves, how they think and work is inherently interesting to you. We want someone who can eventually walk into Twitter and feel confident interviewing the VP of engineering about scaling for mobile.

You’re super organized. You’re a task management junkie who’s always looking for ways to become even more productive and effective. We’re working on 20 stories at any given time and aspiring to do more.

IG fascinates you. You don’t necessarily need deep knowledge of venture capital, but you should be willing to learn it fast. There’s a lot of jargon and terminology that gets thrown around in this business, and we want to work with someone who can hit the ground running in this respect.

Steep learning curves thrill you. You already have experience and good instincts when it comes to social media, email marketing, and running experiments to build brands. Great. But we’re always trying to push the envelope — keeping our eyes fixed on new tactics, findings and recommendations from the smart people at places like Contently and Kissmetrics — to expand our footprint and bring more people into our fold.

Content styles:

  • Video
  • Podcast
  • IGTV
  • Blogs

Get ready for hundreds of thousands of eyes on your content over the next year! ?

If you want to post a one-off piece of content, post it on IG, and tag @influencerhq.co for a chance for us to repost. Best to save a local copy too so we can upload it for more reach!

⭐ To apply and for more info: Send Lucy your content on team(at)influencerhq.co ⭐